Welcome to Plymouth IVC Social Club

Plymouth IVC is a vibrant and friendly social club based in the historic west country city of Plymouth, Devon.

There's always something happening in the club: theme nights; pub nights; meals out and meals in; cinema, theatre and concerts; cycling and walking; parties and dances; weekends away and many other very varied activities.

Our online calendar is always brimming with Interest, Variety and Culture so you can try out new things, make new friends and kick-start your social life. In fact, there's always something to look forward to with Plymouth IVC.

Plymouth IVC is for the people of Plymouth, Devon and East Cornwall; we are always looking for more members. Come and join us!


40th Anniversary!

Help us celebrate 40 years of Plymouth IVC! The Holiday Inn is booked with a fabulous buffet, disco, and birthday cake. Drinks can bought at the bar which will be set up just for us, and we will celebrate together listening and dancing to 70's style music wearing similar clothes that were worn when the club started in 1970's Tickets are £20 each and can be obtained from any of the club committee members. IVC members can share this party with their friends and family, so why not invite them along too.